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5 Things: Developing Content That Works for Your Brand

Updated: Feb 11

Read any article about marketing your business, or speak with any marketing professional, and you'll hear a lot about content. In today's environment, developing your own content -- articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, etc. -- is key to brand visibility.

But as anyone who's spent a few minutes online knows, there's a lot of bad content out there. Aside from the obvious -- good grammar, avoiding typos, making sure the information is useful and interesting -- how do you ensure you're developing quality content?

Take a stand: Having a distinct point of view helps your brand - and raises your visibility. If you write a bland piece that appeals to everyone, chances are, no one will do much with it after reading it. They'll nod their heads and move on. But if you advocate for a particular position, and appeal to your readers' guts - there's a much better chance they'll share, comment and interact. Appealing to everyone often results in appealing to no one.

Speak to your audience's motivations: If you're solving a major pain point - start there. You want your audience to see your content, identify themselves as your primary audience, and reach out to you directly to learn more

Use your current customers to speak to potential new ones: One of our client's most-read, shared and interactive pieces came from a series of interviews he did with current customers where he shared their advice. The piece was shared widely and resulted in a lot of new leads.

Remember a call to action: You're not doing this for fun. Remember to ask your audience to do something -- call you, share their own story, refer a friend, something.

Make sure it resonates: Often we're too close to our content. Read it with a detached eye -- then ask someone else to read it, and embrace their feedback. You want to make sure people "get" where you are coming from.