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Snow Days & The Working Parent

Updated: May 15, 2020

Here in Massachusetts, we're experiencing our second snow day in a row. After a long holiday break, our kids went back to school on January 2 - only to be snowed out on January 4 and 5. My Facebook feed is alive with the sounds of working parents crying into their coffee mugs.

Personally, I've just written a report with a cranky Kindergartner literally climbing all over me and my desk as I typed. And I've gotten about six snacks, broken up four fights, and answered 1563 questions.

And still, the engine of commerce rumbles on. I've managed to answer client calls, present on a webinar, and confirm a new business presentation for later this month.

Note - this picture is not me. This woman is actually able to drink her coffee. Mine is cold and still in the spot where I put it down about four hours ago. Also, my desk is a mess. And my plants are dead.

And I notice, again, on my Facebook feed, that most other working parents are somehow managing to tend to their kids, and get some things done. (Including posting to Facebook, I guess. In fairness, a lot of people in my network are marketers, and so, using social media is part of our job...)

So yeah, today, is super-annoying, but isn't technology great? Many of us have figured out a way to be home for our kids - and avoid scrambling to find childcare - and still manage to do our jobs. There's an extra special feeling of accomplishment when you manage to get good things done for your clients, and your business, under the extreme circumstances of working while parenting a pack of wild animals that cannot go outside because of the freezing temperatures.

Still, I can't wait until Monday - and I bet my Facebook friends can't either.

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