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How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Updated: May 15, 2020

We've shared anecdotes and stories about our clients on the blog before, including news about one of the most fun clients with which we work - the New England Apparel Club (NEAC).

NEAC is an industry organization of manufacturers' reps showing women's apparel lines - so as you can imagine, this is considered a popular assignment among our staff. NEAC puts on five main trade shows a year, plus a host of smaller shows in different locations around the Northeast.

MyHelp, Inc. has been lucky enough to have been chosen to manage their office operations, run and manage all aspects of their trade shows, and market the organization and its events.

That includes attending their shows, and getting a first glimpse at what's coming in the fashion world. Right now, we're seeing Spring 2019 looks and we can hardly wait!

Check out this Instagram promo video designed to get attendees excited about the show as the exhibitors were setting up.

And visit www.neacshow.com to learn more about NEAC and the events!

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