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YourContentMarketers is Live!

Updated: May 15, 2020

We are very excited to announce some big news! Our new service, YourContentMarketers, is live!

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We've been hard at work on this new, subscription content development service that allows entrepreneurs, thought leaders and businesses of any size to sign up for monthly content that they can use in their marketing campaigns.

Monthly subscriptions start at under $100/mo - and are perfect for anyone who KNOWS they need to be developing regular content, but just can't find the time.

Full text of the press release announcing the new service follows below -- please check it out, then visit us at www.YourContentMarketers.com and browse our services. We would love to hear what you think!


For Immediate Release

MyHelp, Inc. Launches New Subscription Content Marketing Service

YourContentMarketers Allows Companies of Any Size to Source Professionally-Written Content for Marketing Campaigns

Grafton, MA (February 12, 2019) – MyHelp, Inc, a provider of outsourced business services that support entrepreneurs and high-growth companies, today announced the launch of its new subscription content marketing service. YourContentMarketers is an online destination for entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and growing companies who want to increase their visibility through blogs, PR, social media, email newsletters, and online campaigns.

Clients can sign up for on-demand content development, or monthly subscriptions. MyHelp, Inc.’s team of experienced PR pros, journalists, marketers, writers and graphic designers can develop blog posts, contributed articles, press releases, web copy, logos, infographics, and more. With a subscription, clients are assured that their blogs, websites and or/social channels are updated regularly, with compelling, professional content. Monthly content subscriptions start at under $100 per month.

“We often meet entrepreneurs, service providers, and thought leaders who have an amazing offering, and really understand how to market it, but just don’t have the time to develop content consistently,” said Liora Bram, co-founder, MyHelp, Inc. “With a subscription to our YourContentMarketers service, they can ensure that they’ve got a steady stream of marketing activity, while gaining back valuable time that can be spent on growing their business, or enjoying their successes.”

At launch, YourContentMarketers offers the following services:

• Blog Posts

• LinkedIn Articles

• Social Media Account Creation

• Social Media Account Post Development

• Press Releases

• Case Studies • Web Copy

• Email Newsletters

• Website Development

• Local SEO

• Logos

• Infographics

The company also offers agency pricing and terms, allowing advertising, PR and web agencies to supplement their team with experienced marketers to develop content while maintaining ownership of the client relationship.

About MyHelp, Inc.

MyHelp, Inc., founded in 2014, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and busy professionals to focus on growth by outsourcing key business functions to seasoned professionals. The company provides services in the areas of marketing, operations, and finance. For more information, visit www.myhelpinc.com, or www.yourcontentmarketers.com.

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