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Introducing Communications Jumpstart

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

We won’t belabor the point with tired comments about the “unprecendented year” we all just went through. I think we can all agree that it was hard, and scary, and tested everyone’s resilience.

The good news is that we all seem to be a lot more kind with ourselves and one another. And we’re maybe a little more excited than usual about what the coming year may bring.

That’s why we’ve introduced our Communications Jumpstart program just in time for the New Year. This new offering is designed to help companies of any size make an honest assessment about where their business is going, and put a plan in place to tell their story via marketing and content campaigns that drive revenue.

Jumpstart your marketing & communications campaigns

The process begins with our Positioning Workshop. During this exercise, our team will guide your executives through an exercise designed to identify your strengths and weaknesses; develop detailed buyer personas so you know just who you are targeting and how best to reach them; and build your overarching positioning statement and supporting messages.

We’ll then develop the marketing content that you need to get started, using the new positioning and messages we’ve built as a team.

Maybe we’ll determine that what you need are a stable of customer success stories that illustrate your company’s value proposition. Perhaps you’ll choose to have our team rewrite your web copy to reflect your newly enhanced positioning. You could also choose to have us write a series of blog posts, or develop a newsletter, three-month social media content calendar, and/or press release.

Working together, we’ll get your post-pandemic communications strategy up-and-running in four weeks – with a time commitment of five-to-six hours on your part. When we’re done, we’ll answer four key questions:

What’s Your Story?

Who are you? What do you stand for? How do you solve your customers’ problems and help them reach their goals? You’ll walk away with a positioning and messaging guide that helps you tell a strong and compelling story to all the audiences that matter.

Who Are You Targeting?

What does your ideal buyer look like? Who else matters in your business? Together, we’ll map out detailed buyer personas – where they live, what they like, why they are shopping for your solution, and where they hang out. These very precise profiles will make it easy to know where and how to focus your marketing efforts for maximum impact. And don’t forget partners, suppliers and referral sources. We’ll make a plan to speak with all of them regularly.

Where are You Showing Up?

Once you’ve identified your audiences, you’ll know where to reach them. We’ll discuss which publications and websites they read, which events (virtual and IRL) they attend, and how to reach them with offers and good information via Inbound marketing campaigns.

How are You Getting it Done?

What’s the best way to use marketing to meet your business goals? Now is not the time to shy away from spending time and money on marketing, but it is the time to be focused and precise in terms of what can move the needle.

With the deliverables from our Communications Jumpstart in hand, you are ready to start executing. Whether you decide to move forward on your own, or perhaps engage our team via one of our Marketing Fundamentals packages, you’ll be ready to jumpstart your communications for a new year and a new business climate.

Learn more about Communications Jumpstart - and contact us to get started!

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